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Weak Week [Jul. 15th, 2006|01:48 pm]
[feeling |indifferentindifferent and in a towel]
[groovy |Sublime, why?]

I am staying at my aunt's house this week to work while the rest of my family goes to Maine wooohooooooo.

Actually, sarcasm truly aside, I am going to enjoy it. I like my aunt. Even if she is clinically insane.

Land, I am sorry. Please forgive me. I will paint you a picture. And bake you a cake. (Well I don't know if you want a cake that I made but that's okay)

Today I was looking for my other pearl earring (one was in my ear). And 15 minutes later it fell on the desk...apparently it was in my hair because when i put it up it just got stuck in the mess of hair and then decided to weasel it's way out. Weird.

Oh and I'm pumped now because...I was oblivious to the fact that Dave Matthews tickets are NOT sold out. Therefore I am going now.
"It'll be fun! We can take the mini van!"

Yeah last night Maura and I, at her house, got bombarded with couples showing up.(PrisbyElizabethBethLuke)The rest of the night consisted of trampoline abuse and reenacting 80s music videos.
"Alright now we have to embrace in a snow drift"
And magic tricks. Really cool sweet awesome excellent wonderful magic tricks.

Actually, sarcasm completely out of the question, I AM going to enjoy my aunt's because I won't rely on the goddamn computer for goddamn entertainment. Goddamnit.

So uh, see ya.